✦ Citrus & Tiger Calendar Pre-Order period is from Feb.4-Feb.8 only ✦ Please allow the images to load ✦

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<aside> 🌙 Wishing everyone the strength of the tiger and an abundance of Vitamin C for an energizing and vibrant year ahead! But don’t forget to be soft and still every once in a while just like the water and the moon.


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₱200.00 * $4.00 / pc

Additional Information

→ 5.5 x 5.5” with 3” base

→ Printed on 300 gsm Old Mill Premium paper

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(L) Transparent; (R) White

(L) Transparent; (R) White

₱400.00 * $8.00 / pc

Additional Information

→ 12 x 18”

→ Available in Transparent and White

→ Printed on 130 gsm Old Mill Premium paper

→ Purchased individually

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